PSA Series


Installation of this floor-standing series is easy and quick.
An excellent choice when there is a sudden need for an air conditioner to be installed.

Key technologies

  Capacity kW
3.5 5.0 6.0 7.1 10.0 12.5 14.0
Indoor unit      
Outdoor unit Zubadan              
Power Inverter R32              
Power Inverter R410A      
Standard Inverter        

Quick and Easy Installation, Space-saving and Design That Compliments Any Interior

The floor-standing indoor unit is mounted on the floor, enabling quick installation. Its compact body requires only minimal space.

Built-in Remote Controller

Easy Operation with Built-in PAR-21MAA Remote Controller

Icon, letter and number visibility are improved with the adoption of a dot liquid-crystal display (LCD), and operation management functions have been increased.


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  • General Catalog

    Full Product Line Catalogue