The PEA Series is a large capacity ceiling-concealed type indoor units which are visually discreet blending into various environments. The new R32 refrigerant lineup realizes improved energy efficiency with a patented fan called a Turbo In Sirocco fan.

A wider option of external static pressure up to 200Pa allows authentic ducted air-conditioning with an elegant interior layout.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Introduction of new R32 refrigerant with newly designed fan reduces energy consumption and have resulted in higher energy savings for all capacity ranges.

Low input with New Fan Design

The new PEA series applies a newly designed fan; a Turbo In Sirocco fan which realizes high efficiency with a lower power input. The new design is Mitsubishi Electric's patented technology with a combination of turbo fan inside the sirocco fan.

Wide range of external static pressure allows flexible duct design

200Pa setting is newly added enabling total of five static pressure level. The ability to select additional static pressure enables long duct and more freedom in design.

The factory setting of external static pressure is shown without brackets (< >). Refer to "Fan characteristics curves" according to the external static pressure, in the DATA BOOK for the usable range of airflow rate.

PAR-41MAA Group Control

The PAR-41MAA remote controller can control up to 16 systems as a group, and is ideal for supporting the integrated management of building air conditioners.


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