PAR-CT01MA prisma remote control

  • Full color touch panel display
  • 180 color patterns can be selected for control parameters or background on the display
  • Easy wall mounted installation
  • Night Set-back function for setting minimum winter temperature or maximum summer temperature in temperature maintenance mode
  • Effective static overpressure selection function for ducted indoor units (PEFY-P VMHS only)
  • Internal weekly timer function and simplified internal timers (Auto-off, etc.)
  • Usable to manage 1 group of up to 16 indoor units
  • Easy and intuitive, with icon based graphic interface, direct control buttons and function buttons
  • Simple connection with single non-polarised two-core wire
  • MA self-addressing technology
  • Suitable for all types of indoor unit, including GUF
  • Recommended for groups with only one indoor unit
  • Integrated temperature sensor usable instead of indoor unit sensor
  • Configurable temperature range settable from local keypad
  • View and set setpoint temperatures in 0.5°C increments
  • Supports 3D i-see sensor functions for 60 x 60 PLFY-P VFM-E1 cassette and 90 x 90 PLFY-P(M) VEM-E cassette

Multiple color pattern

Multilingual support

The smartphone app can be displayed in the language that the guest’s smartphone is set to.

Large color backlit touch display

New PRISMA remote control is equipped by 3.5 inch/HVGA Full Color LCD Touch screen

Display customization

Customized display, color on parameter and background, editable parameter, logo image on the initial display.

Hotel setting

Simple operation panel is liked by users, especially in hotels. It is available to display only ON/OFF, set temp., fan speed.

Bluetooth connection

PAR-CT01MA remote control is equipped with Low Energy Bluetooth connection. Thanks to two dedicated Apps (one for installers and one for users) it is possible to connect your smartphone or tablet the the remote control. User App allows to control the air conditioning system connected to PAR-CT, with a simple and intuitive interface.

Installer App allows to easily configure the remote control during maintenance and commissioning. Thanks to this App it is possible to save a settings pattern on mobile device and easily transfer it to the remote control, shortening service and commissioning timing.

Logo image customization

Logo image can be displayed on the initial screen.


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