Indoor units



  • Flexible, independent installation
  • Improved efficiency with DC inverter fan motor
  • Improved noise levels
  • Improved design to suit any indoor space
  • Power ratings from 2.2 to 7.1 kW
  • Floor-standing
  • Standard filter
  • R410A refrigerant gas
  • Air heating/cooling
  • Extremely quiet

A new floor-standing unit offering extraordinary flexibility for installation and boasting a new design ideal for any indoor space.

Technical characteristics

New design and three options for installation

New design

The elegant new white and pearl grey design fits in perfectly in any indoor space. Measuring just 217 mm in thickness, the compact dimensions of this unit make it the ideal solution for installing against the perimeter wall of a room.

Three options for installation

A choice of three different installation options are available to meet the needs of any situation.

Lower energy consumption and noise

Lower energy consumption

As well as using all-new components and featuring a structure optimised for even more efficient operation and practicality, the PFFY-P VEM-E unit is equipped with a fan with an extremely efficient DC Inverter motor.

The diameter of the tubing inside the heat exchanger has been reduced from 9.52 to 7.0 mm to allow a coil with a larger number of fin tubes to fit into the volume available.

Lower noise levels

The new structure of the unit allows for a cleaner air flow through the unit itself, reducing pressure losses.

Adjustable air flow, remote control and decorative back panel

Adjustable air flow

A choice of three different air flow levels (low, medium and high) ensures the best possible comfort and effective temperature control.

Remote controller integrated in structure of unit

The MA remote controller is stowed elegantly and practically in a recess on the right hand side of the unit.

Decorative back panel

The decorative back panel can be used to tailor the unit to suit any indoor space and taste in décor.

Simple maintenance

Removing filter for regular cleaning

The air filter is removed easily from the lower front part of the unit for regular cleaning.


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