Case Histories

Museums, Art galleries

  • Spazio Forma - Milan

    This multi-purpose exhibition centre, dedicated to photography, has been built in the style of an old Milanese tram, It offers vast areas of space and utilises advanced VRF air conditioning systems, developed by Mitsubishi Electric, incorporated within the structure of the building to harmoniously provide accurate climate-control throughout both summer and winter.

  • City Art Gallery - Cagliari

    The City Art Gallery of Cagliari is a remarkable example of integrated design, implemented in the context of a magnificently restored building that respects the values of its origin.

  • Poldi Pezzoli Museum - Milan

    The Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan has chosen Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems to protect its precious heritage, installing both heat pump and heat recovery facilities. Thanks to these features, not only is it now possible to ensure the preservation of the works and the comfort of visitors, but the installation also met with the architectural constraints of the building without impinging into occupied spaces.