Compact, lightweight ceiling cassette units with 4-way air outlets provide maximum comfort by evenly distributing airflow throughout the entire room.

2x2 Cassette Line-up

The SLZ series was previously only able to be connected to standard inverters and some power inverters. However, it can now also be connected to low-capacity power inverters. The ability to connect to a high-performance power inverter allows us to offer a wider range of options to our customers.

New lineup

1.5kW has been introduced for multi connection. The diverse selection enables the best solution for both customer and location.

Beautiful design

The straight-line form introduced has resulted in a beautiful square design. Its high affinity ensures the ability to blend in seamlessly with any interior. The indoor unit is an ideal match for office or store use.

Of course, design matched 2×2 (600mm*600mm) ceiling construction specifications.

The height above ceiling of 245mm

The height above ceiling of 245mm enables fitting into narrow ceiling space. Installation is simple, even when the ceiling spaces are narrow to make the ceilings higher.

Of course, in addition to our products, replacing competitors’ product is simplified too.

Energy-saving Performance*

The energy-saving performance achieved A++ in SEER and A+ in SCOP.

*In case of connecting with SUZ-KA-VA6


Low sound level has been realized by introduction of 3D turbo fan.

New SLZ can give users quieter and move comfortable room condition.

Horizontal Airflow

The new airflow control completely eliminates that uncomfortable drafty-feeling with the introduction of a horizontal airflow that spreads across the ceiling. The ideal airflow for offices and restaurants.

Easy installation

Temporary hanging hook

The structure of the panel has been revised and is now equipped with a temporary hanging hook. This has improved work efficiency during temporary panel installation.

No need to remove screws

Installation is possible without removing the screws for control box simply loosen them. This eliminates the risk of losing screws.

Drain lift

As the result of using a larger drain pan, the maximum drain lifting height has been up to 850mm, greatly enhancing construction flexi- bility compared to the existing model.

Detects number of people

Room occupancy energy-saving mode

The 3D i-see Sensor detects the number of people in the room. It then calculates the occupancy rate based on the maximum number of people in the room up to that point in time in order to save airconditioning power.

When the occupancy rate is approximately 30%, air-conditioning power equivalent to 1°C during both cooling and heating operation is saved. The temperature is controlled according to the number of people.

No occupancy energy-saving mode

When 3D i-see Sensor detects that no one is in the room, the system is switched to a pre-set power-saving mode. If the room remains unoccupied for more than 60min, air-conditioning power equivalent to 2°C during both cooling and heating operation is saved. This contrib- utes to preventing waste in terms of heating and cooling.

No occupancy Auto-OFF mode*

When the room remains unoccupied for a pre-set period of time, the air conditioner turns off automatically, thereby providing even greater power savings. The time until operation is stopped can be set in intervals of 10min, ranging from 60 to 180 min.

*When MA Remote Controller is used to control multiple refrigerant systems, “No occupancy Auto-OFF mode” cannot be used.

Detects people’s position

Direct/Indirect settings*

Some people do not like the feel of wind, some want to be warm from head to toe. People’s likes and dislikes vary. With the 3D i-see Sensor, it is possible to choose to block or not block to the wind for each vane

Seasonal airflow*

< When cooling >

Saves energy while keeping a comfortable effective temperature by automatically switching between ventilation and cooling. When a pre-set temperature is reached, the air conditioning unit switches to swing fan operation to maintain the effective temperature. This clever function contributes to keeping a comfortable coolness.

< When heating >

The air conditioning unit automatically switches between circulator and heating. Wasted heat that accumulates near the ceiling is reused via circulation. When a pre-set temperature is reached the air conditioner switches from heating to circulator and blows air in the horizontal direction. It pushes down the warm air that has gath- ered near the ceiling to people’s height, thereby providing smart heating.


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