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The ZUBADAN Series incorporates an original Flash Injection technology that improves the already high heating capacity of the system. This new member of the series line-up ensures comfortable heat pump-driven heating performance in cold regions.

Improved Heating Performance

Mitsubishi Electric’s unique “Flash Injection” circuit achieves remarkably high heating performance. This technology has resulted in an excellent heating capacity rating in outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C, and the guaranteed heating operation range of the heating mode has been extended to -25°C. Accordingly, the heat-pump units of the ZUBADAN Series are perfect for warming homes in the coldest of regions.

Enhanced Comfort

The Flash Injection circuit improves start-up and recover from the defrosting operation. A newly introduced defrost operation control also improves defrost frequency. These features enable the temperature to reach the set temperature more quickly, and contribute to maintaining it at the desired setting.

ZUBADAN Defrost Control and Faster Recovery from Defrost Operation.

Field Test Results: Office building in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan

ErP Lot 10 Com+ pliant with High Energy-efficiency Achieving SEER/SCOP Rank A and A+

Powerful heating yet annaully high energy efficiency in both cooling and heating, achieving rank A and A+.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Flash Injection Technology The Key to High Heating Performance at Low Outdoor Temperatures

The ZUBADAN Series is equipped with Mitsubishi Electric’s original Flash Injection Circuit, which is comprised of a bypass circuit and heat interchanger (HIC). The HIC transforms rerouted liquid refrigerant into a gas-liquid state to lower compression load. This process ensures excellent heating performance even when the outdoor temperature drops very low.

In traditional units, when the outdoor temperature is low, the volume of refrigerant circulating in the compressor decreases due to the drop in refrigerant pressure and the protection from overheating caused by high compression, thereby reducing heating capacity. The Flash Injection Circuit injects refrigerant to maintain the refrigerant circulation volume and compressor operation load, thereby maintaining heating capacity.

The compressor is subjected to a heavy load when compressing liquid refrigerant, and the result is lower operation efficiency. The addition of HIC supports refrigerant heat exchange at two different pressure levels. The heat-exchange process transforms the injected liquid refrigerant into a gas liquid state, thereby decreasing the load on the compressor during the compression process.

Refrigerant passes from the HIC into the compressor through the injection port. Having two refrigerant inlets makes it possible to raise the volume of refrigerant being circulated when the outdoor temperature is low and at the start of heating operation.

To ensure full capacity in cold and snowy regions...
3 Important Points to Remember W hen Installing the Outdoor Unit

Wind and snow can significantly reduce capacity. Be sure to check the infomation below and install the outdoor unit correctly.

Installation Location

Be aware of the prevailing wind direction in winter and install the outdoor unit where it is as sheltered as possible.

Measures for Drainage of Water

Case 1: Unit is installed close to passage (walkway)

Do not install the unit close to passage as drainage water from the unit may freeze and cause a slipping hazard.

Case 2: Multiple units are installed

Do not install units on top of one another as it may cause frozen drainage water on the bottom unit.

Measures for Snow

Unit is installed on the ground

To avoid the adverse effects of snow and frozen drainage water, install the unit on a stand to ensure a sufficient height from the ground.

Use a stand to add sufficient height to protect the unit heat exchanger from snow and prevent icicles forming during defrost operation.

Install snow protection hood as necessary

Necessity of accessories (drain socket & centralised drain pan, stand, snow protection hood, base heater)


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