The thin, ceiling-concealed indoor units of this series are the perfect answer for the air
conditioning needs of buildings with minimum ceiling installation space and wide-
ranging external static pressure. Energy-saving efficiency has been improved, reduc-
ing electricity consumption and contributing to a further reduction in operating cost.

Key technologies

  Capacity kW
3.5 5.0 6.0 7.1 10.0 12.5 14.0
Indoor unit
Outdoor unit Zubadan          
Power Inverter R32
Power Inverter R410
Standard Inverter

Compact Indoor Units

The height of the models from 35–140 has been unified to 250mm, which makes installation in low ceilings with minimal clearance space possilbe.

External Static Pressure

External static pressure conversion can be set up to five stages.

Capable of being set to a maximum of 150Pa, units are applicable to a wide range of building types

ErP Lot 10-compliant, Achieving High Energy Efficiency of SEER/SCOP Rank A+ and A++

A direct-current (DC) fan motor is installed in the indoor unit, increasing the seasonal energy efficiency of the newly designed Power Inverter Series (PUHZ-ZRP) and resulting in compliance of the full-capacity models with ErP Lot 10 and energy rankings of A+/A++ for cooling and A/A+ for heating.

This contributes to an impressive reduction in the cost of annual electricity.

Drain Pump Option Available with All Models

The line-up consists of two types, models with or without a built-in drain pump.


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