PKA Series


The compact, wall-mounted indoor units offer the convenience of simple installation, and a large product line-up (M35-M100 models) ensures a best-match solution.
Designed for highly efficient energy savings, the PKA Series is the answer to your air conditioning needs.

Key technologies

  Capacity kW
3.5 5.0 6.0 7.1 10.0 12.5 14.0
Indoor unit    
Outdoor unit Zubadan            
Power Inverter R32    
Power Inverter R410A    
Standard Inverter            

Wired & Wireless Model

Wired models are newly added in P Series line-up. The diverse selection enables the base solution for both customer and location.

Flat Panel & Pure White Finish

A flat panel layout has been adopted for all models.

Pursuing a design that harmonizes with virtually any interior, the unit colour has been changed from white to pure white.

ErP Lot 10 Compliant with High Energy-efficiency Achieving SEER/SCOP Rank A, A+ and A++

Highly efficient indoor unit heat exchangers and and newly designed power inverters (PUHZ-ZM) contribute to an amazing reduction in electricity consumption throughout a year, and have resulted in models in the full-capacity range attaining the rank A, A+ and A++ energy savings rating.

Drain Pump Option Available with All Models

Installation of the drain pump enables a drain outlet as high as 800mm above the base of the indoor unit.

Drain water can be discharged easily even if the surface where the wall-mounted unit does not have direct access outside, increasing the degree of freedom for installation.

Multi-function Wired Remote Controller

In addition to using the wireless remote controller that comes as standard equipment, PAR-33MAA and PAC-YT52CRA wired remote controllers can be used as well.

✽ Connection to PAR-33MAA/PAC-YT52CRA requires PAC-SH29TC-E (optional).


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  • General Catalog

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