3D Blind Controller

  • “Black Box” version (no display).
  • Compact dimensions (external 230V AC power supply).
  • Usable to manage 50 groups for a total of up to 50 indoor units.
  • Individual or collective group control.
  • Ethernet interface for connection to supervisor systems.
  • Integrated WEB server software for management using Internet Explorer®.
  • Simplified connection, with single non-polarised two-core wire, using ME technology.
  • Integrated 2 GB SD memory card for storing system data.
  • Direct management of 4 impulse meters with no external interface.
  • Status indicator LED indicating data transmission status and/or errors.
  • Consumption data for billing downloadable via internet connection.
  • A wide choice of energy saving functions offered as standard, with additional optional functions accessible with PIN code licenses.
  • Complete support for all advanced RMI platform functions for energy consumption monitoring and for multi-installation and multi-user management.
  • Expansion controller for AE-200.
  • Allows direct connection to BMS BACnet NEW