M-NET Interfaces

M-Net interfaces were developed to permit the connection of a wide variety of input and output signals (i.e. for monitoring and control) to the MELANS management and supervision system. These interfaces are connected directly to the M-Net data transmission bus. The modular concept of these interfaces means that multiple interfaces can be connected to the same network. To connect interfaces, a 24V DC auxiliary power feed must be provided with an additional power supply unit (purchased separately). The following M-Net interfaces are available:

  • PAC-YG60MCA: Digital meter interface (Pulse Input).
  • PAC-YG63MCA: Analogue sensor interface (Analogue Input).
  • PAC-YG66DCA: Digital sensor interface (DIDO).

PAC-YG63MCA – Analogue Input

The PAC-YG60MCA M-Net interface is a device for acquiring the output signals from wall or electrical cabinet mounted analogue temperature or humidity sensors. This interface makes it possible to acquire measurements from active analogue temperature and humidity sensors. A WEB Server 3D (TOUCH or BLIND) centralised controller is required to use the interface.

The following functions are available via a web browser:

  • View real time sensor readings
  • View graphs of sensor readings
  • Export data in CSV format
  • View alarm thresholds for e-mail notification function
  • Alarm output to relay (on board interface) for cut-off if alarm thresholds are exceeded
  • Interlock with air conditioner operation and with other input/output interfaces if alarm thresholds are exceeded
  • View units as icons on installation layout maps


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