Outdoor units



The Stylish Design and Compact Size Harmonises Residential Application

  • Simple and elegant design by rounding left and right corners of the unit
  • Concealing the fan by matching the panel and the grille in dark colour
  • Unified shape and safety by setting the fan whole backwards and matching the grille on the same level of the front panel
  • Wider lineup with environmental-friendly R32 refrigerant

New Compressor

  • Compact
  • High performance

ErP Lot 1 Compliant with Highest Seasonal Space Heating Energy Efficiency Class A+++

All models have achieved the “RANK A+++” for SCOP at low temperature.

60°C Flow Temperature at Low Ambient Temperature

60°C max flow temprature can be maintained up to Ambient –7°C. (For PUD-S(H)WM models)

Reducing Refrigerant Amount

CO2 equivalent emission

Noise Reduction-10dB(A)

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are designed to give you highly efficient and eco-friendly heating with 10dB(A) less in PWL. Compared with conventional models.

*Rated condition (According to EN12102)

Blowing Air

To Reduce Fan Noise

  • Optimising fan position
  • Optimising bell mouth shape
  • Bigger fan diameter

Enclosing Noise

Shutting Out Noise from Compressor

  • The structure of double enclosing

Primary: enclosing a compressor (the structure is patented.)

Secondary: enclosing machine room.

Avoiding Vibration and Resonance

  • Dedicated soft rubber mount for the compressor to avoid vibration
  • Optimising piping structure to avoid vibration and resonance

New Compressor Frequency Control

By reducing frequency changes (from 17 to 4 times per hour), hunting is prevented. Reducing fluctuation improves efficiency and prolongs compressor life.


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