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Hydronic CITY MULTI is the first and only system in the world derived from the R2 system to guarantee a high degree of air comfort with the advantages of direct expansion with variable refrigerant flow.

Why Hydronic VRF

Hydronic CITY MULTI is a heat recovery system (simultaneous heating and cooling) which becomes part of the CITY MULTI family and which adopts water for the first time to distribute the heating and cooling power in the room.

Hydronic BC Distributor

Simultaneous cooling/heating with heat recovery.

The new Hydronic CITY MULTI is the first and only two-pipe system in the world for simultaneous cooling and heating with heat recovery that combines the advantages of the direct expansion system with those of the traditional hydronic system. The technology is based on Mitsubishi Electric's CITY MULTI R2 heat recovery system and consists of an R2 (or WR2) outdoor unit of the CITY MULTI series, the innovative Hydronic BC (HBC) distributor which allows the use of refrigerant gas and water as heat carrier fluids, as well as indoor units specially equipped with a.water coil.

Lower concentration of R410 GAS

The use of hydronic distribution allows the limits linked to the stringent legislation (UNI EN 378) on the concentration of refrigerant gases to be overcome: this is possible thanks to the fact that the only portion of the system that contains refrigerant gas is the one that connects the outdoor unit to the Hydronic BC Controller distributor. In this way it is possible to obtain up to 45% reduction of the refrigerant charge compared to a traditional VRF system.

2-Pipe systems

Compared to a traditional 4-pipe hydronic system, the design and installation of the 2-pipe system is very flexible and simplified.

For example, the Hydronic CITY MULTI system does not need additional pumps, tanks or switching valves. The significantly smaller number of connection points in the two-pipe system limits its potential for leakage, makes it safer and reduces the need for maintenance.

Plate heat exchangers

This is the component where the refrigerant gas is able to yield/ absorb heat from the water line.

Two plate heat exchangers are installed, located at the ends of the HBC. Both can produce hot water during heating mode and cold water during cooling mode.

During “simultaneous mode” one of the heat exchangers produces hot water while the other one cold water.


Both plate heat exchangers are equipped with inverter DC pumps.

The pumps allow circulation of water between HBC and the indoor units. The flow rate is controlled by a valves block.

Valves Block

A set of valves is connected to supply and return pipes of each indoor unit.

This valves block has two tasks: firstly it selects the hot or cold water header and then it regulates the flow fed to the indoor units based on the thermal power required.


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