Air blade barriers



Air barriers

The air barrier not only ensures efficient insulation of the temperature (i.e. preventing the escape of cold air during cooling and the escape of hot air during heating), but also protects your premises from unpleasant elements from the outside.

The air barrier is a means which, while not preventing passage, blocks dust, exhaust gas, smoke, odours.

The protection offered to the environment allows customers to enter and leave freely.

It is therefore a very valuable tool to prevent cooling and heat loss during air conditioning, as well as very effective for blocking access to dust and unhealthy odours.

The air barrier, being invisible, makes entry and handling of materials and goods very easy.

Vertical and horizontal installation

The air barrier can be installed vertically or horizontally according to the space available.

It is important to ensure the width of the air barrier goes beyond the width of the door and that it is installed no more than the recommended height (3 metres).

Only by doing so, the air barrier will ensure its efficient operation.


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