Dx coil for air treatment



Supply comfortable control

Product Features

  • Lossnay return air and supply air temperature control are possible by connecting the Dx-coil unit to Mr.Slim (power inverter series).
  • Connecting the Dx-coil unit will expand Lossnay’s temperature control range (500-2,500 CMH). Suitable for various applications such as offices, shops and schools etc.

Flexible installation

Flexible Connection to Lossnay

The length of the connection cable (accessory) between the Lossnay and Dx-coil unit is about 6m, so flexible installation is possible (two units can be installed close together or far apart with straight or bent ducting).

To Keep High Static Pressure

P-Q curve image

  1. Lossnay unit
  2. Lossnay unit + Dx-coil unit
  3. Lossnay unit (fan power-up +4) + Dx-coil unit

Drain Pump Equipment

A built-in drain pump makes attaching the drain hose in the ceiling cavity easy, resulting in simple and fast installation.

User-friendly system control

Flexible Remote Controller Selection

When using only one remote controller, Lossnay fan speed is fixed at fan speed 3 or 4.

When using two remote controllers, all Lossnay functions are available.

*1: Lossnay unit and Dx-coil unit both will synchronously switch on and off.

*2: When one of the two remote controllers is turned ON, the other remote controller turns ON synchronously.

Priority Mode Selection

Temperature priority mode (factory setting) or Fan speed priority mode are selectable when Lossnay unit fan speed is controlled by a CO2-sensor or a BMS (analog input (0 - 10 VDC) or a volt-free input).

*During fan speed 1 or 2, the Dx-coil unit is always set to thermo-OFF.


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