Outdoor units



New design

The new outdoor units of the YNW series use a four-sided heat exchanger close to the top of the case near the fan. This technological and construction choice makes it possible to increase heat exchange efficiency.

Single module

Energy saving

Energy efficiency has been further improved compared to YLM units and now hits top of the range performance values. SEER values have been raised by 139% (P500) compared to the previous model and SCOP values by 49% (P300 and P500). This allows the new YNW units to consume less energy in both cooling and heating. All year-round saving.

Advanced “Low Noise” function

“Low noise” mode can now be selected from five different settings: 85%, 70%, 60% and 50% (values referring to fan speed).

Noise reduction is directly configurable from the control board of the outdoor unit. Different settings can be selected based on the installation requirements (in applications with special noise constraints).

Fan blade profile

The YNW series fan has been completely redesigned to match the new four-sided battery. The profile of the fins has been optimised to minimise fluid flow losses.


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