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High Capacity, Energy Savings and a Design in Harmony with Living Spaces Raise the Value of Your Room to the Next Level.

Simple , Flat Design

Uneven surfaces have been smoothed to provide a simple design with linear beauty, harmonised with all types of interiors.

New Line-up

New models have been introduced to expand the line-up. The diverse selection enables the best solution for both customers and locations.

Multi-flow Vane

Three uniquely shaped vanes control the airflow and allow the freedom to customize comfort according to preferences.

* The downward airflow is also possible as well as heating.

Weekly Timer (Introduced in response to market demand)

Temperature settings and On/Off control can be managed over a period of one week using the Weekly Timer.

Up to eight setting patterns per calendar day are possible.

V Blocking Filter

V Blocking Filter with antiviral effect inhibits 99% of adhered virus, and other harmul substances, such as bacteria, mold and allergen.

Two-layered filter with non-woven fabric and electrostatic filter can effectively capture and remove small particles from the air in your room.

Quiet Operation

The indoor unit noise level is as low as 19dB for MFZ Series, offering a peaceful inside environment.


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