SFZ-M built-in floor units




  • High energy efficiency
  • adjustable air flow
  • silence and comfort
  • extraordinary flexibility for installation, with a choice of two air intake configurations
  • low environmental impact R32 refrigerant gas
  • ultra-compact dimensions
  • superlative seasonal energy efficiency
  • optional MelCloud Wi-Fi controller
  • Floor-standing
  • Remote control
  • R32 refrigerant gas
  • Air heating/cooling
  • Extremely quiet

The new floor-standing model for built-in installations

Ultra-compact dimensions, excellent performance, extraordinarily quiet operation and a wide choice of options in terms of both installation configuration and air flow adjustment are just some of the strengths of this unit.

Energy class A++/A+

Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment towards a greener future is put into reality in a range of products using advanced technology to consume less energy than ever and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Optional MelCloud controller

MELCloud lets you control your air conditioning system remotely with a smartphone, tablet or computer using the dedicated app or from a browser. This unit may be equipped with a Wi-Fi controller.


This Mitsubishi Electric product uses low greenhouse effect R32 refrigerant gas.

Extremely quiet, with noise levels of just 25 dB(A)

This product is designed to minimise operating noise in both heating and cooling air conditioning modes.

Technical characteristics

Monosplit or multisplit system

Monosplit system

The main technical characteristics of the different combinations possible of indoor units and the relative outdoor units are given in the table below.

Multisplit system

This indoor unit may be used together with MXZ and MXZ-HYPER HEATING outdoor units.

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Ultra-compact dimensions and extraordinary flexibility for installation

Compact size

The compact size of the SFZ-M series makes these units ideal even in built-in structures with very limited space.

Flexible installation

The unit can be configured to receive incoming air intake from either under the unit itself or from the front wall by simply changing the panel, grill and filter.

Superior energy efficiency and R32 refrigerant gas for lower environmental impact

High energy efficiency

The high energy efficiency indoor units of the SFZ series are rated with an energy class of A++ in cooling mode and A+ in heating mode.

R32 refrigerant gas

R32 refrigerant gas complies with European directives for the reduction of greenhouse effect gases, with a lower GWP than R410A, and does not damage the ozone layer.

But in addition to this, using R32 refrigerant also offers the following advantages:

  • improved energy efficiency;
  • smaller quantities of refrigerant gas used;
  • lower environmental impact;
  • easier to charge and recover, as pure gas is used;
  • low toxicity and flammability.

Adjustable air flow

DC Inverter fan motor

The DC Inverter fan motor of the SFZ series makes these units particularly versatile: A choice of 4 different static pressure settings (0-25-40-60 Pascal) selectable from the controller allows these units to be used in installations with both long ducts and direct exhaust vents, and attain the ideal balance between air flow and quietness.

Silence and comfort

Superior acoustic comfort

The quality of an environment also depends on perceived noise levels. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are designed and constructed with particular attention to detail to minimise noise emissions and contribute to ensuring impeccable acoustic comfort.

MelCloud: the optional solution for remote control

The Wi-Fi controller for your Mitsubishi Electric system

By using the cloud for sending and receiving information and the dedicated optional Wi-Fi interface (MAC-587IF-E), you can control your system easily wherever you are from any PC, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

The MelCloud service has been designed to ensure complete compatibility with PCs, tablets and smartphones via dedicated apps or via a web browser and for even smarter control of your air conditioning system, MelCloud is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistant services.

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