Plus line



Discrete and refined design for any application


The MSZ-AY unit is the ideal solution for any type of application: residential, office or small commercial activities

Equipped with Plasma Quad Plus Filter

The Plasma Quad PLUS system is an active filtration system able to inhibit up to 99% of airborne viruses, bacteria, moulds and PM2.5 particulate matters, up to 98% of allergens and pollen and up to 99.7% of dust mites and dust.

Self clean mode

The new «Self Clean» function present on MSZ-AY allows the indoor unit to be dried at the end of the cooling cycle, preventing the formation of moulds and of unpleasant odours.

V Blocking air purifier filter optional

V Blocking is a new purifier filter that improves the previous filtration system with silver ions, by adding an antiviral action capable of inhibiting viruses, bacteria, moulds and allergens.


Due to the accurate design and to the introduction of the R32 refrigerant the efficiency of the new MSZ-AY units has increased considerably, reaching the A+++ cooling class (sizes 25 and 35) and the A++ heating class across the entire range.

Dual Barrier Coating

Along with the MSZ-AY unit, Mitsubishi Electric introduces yet another revolutionary technology: Dual Barrier Coating. During operation, the dust and the impurities introduced during the air conditioning operations settle on the internal components, especially on the battery and on the fan, increasing the equipment’s energy consumption by up to 18%. With Dual Barrier Coating the internal components of MSZ-AY area treated with a second protection layer that prevents the settlement of dust and of impurities even after long periods of time, reducing consumption and eliminating the need for performing the unit’s maintenance regarding this issue.

Silent operation

Environmental comfort is also related to the noise level and is important especially in bedrooms and in offices. The Kirigamine line provides the ideal climate all year round, with a noise level practically imperceptible to the human ear. The level of 18dB(A) reached by the MSZ-AY model is quieter than the noise generated by the rustling of the leaves in the wind, which renders the air conditioner inaudible to the persons present in the room. That’s why MSZ-AY is suitable in particular for domestic environments such as bedrooms and living areas, where we spend most of our time and where we carry our daily activities.


Night Mode

By activating the Night Mode function from the remote control, the air conditioner may be set for night time operation:

  • Reduction of the LEDs brightness
  • Deactivation of the ”beep” sound
  • Reduction by 3dB of the outdoor unit’s noise emission

Air distribution

Due to the presence of the motorized grill, it is possible to direct the airflow in order to achieve the utmost comfort in the room, in any operating mode (sizes 25-50). Moreover, the horizontal flow removes the disturbing draughts for the persons present in the room.

Integrated MELCloud

The new MSZ-AY provides the user experience of MelCloud integrated in the air conditioner, allowing the user to remotely manage, by means of the Wi-Fi controller, the main air conditioner functions, monitoring its operation and energy consumption.
Moreover, due to the new integrated wifi adaptor, the connection with the router becomes much easier!

Backlit remote control

The backlit remote control allows an easy viewing even at night.

Installation die

The new MSZ-AY is equipped with a new installation die. The new die comes with a large central hole which allows an easier installation, especially if pre-installation boxes are present.