Introducing an indoor unit that is compact yet packed with a variety of features.

High energy saving performance and Air Purifying Filter bring you a comfortable indoor environment.

Energy Saving

Mitsubishi Electric's inverter technologies are adopted to provide automatic adjustment of operation load according to need. This reduces excessive consumption of electricity, and thereby realises Energy Rank "A++" for SEER (cooling) and "A+" for SCOP (heating).

Simple and Compact Design

The stylish design makes it a natural match for any room.

The width of indoor units is compact, making installation in smaller, tighter spaces possible.

Simple Control

The simple remote controller and functions provide the easy control solution and comforts of life.

Air Purifying Filter

Air Purifying Filter generates stable antibacterial, antifungal, and deodorant effects. The three-dimensional surface expands the filter’s capture area and contributes to the better dust collection performance than conventional filters.

Wi-Fi and System Control

Wi-Fi Interface (Optional)

Optional interface and a Cloud-based solution "MELCloud" enable users to control air conditioners and check operating status via devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

System Control Interface (Optional)

  • Remote on/off operation is possible by input to the connector.
  • Depending on the interface used, connecting a wired remote control such as the PAR-41MAA is possible.
  • Centralised control is possible when connected to M-NET.


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