Hyper Heating




New hyper-heating MXZ allows you to create an oasis of comfort throughout your home and office in the rooms you use most, any time of the year.

Standard rated heating capacity is maintained even when the outside-air temperature drops to –15°C.

Maintains high capacity output even when outside-air temperature is low.

Can operate at outside-air temperature of –25°C

  1. Incorporated key parts resistant to cold of up to –25°C after rigorous selection.
  2. Printed circuit board-core of the air conditioner — is coated on both sides to protect it in harsh environments.

Freeze-prevention heater standard equipment

Prevents capacity loss and operation from stopping due to drain water freezing.

Continuous heating for long periods

Wasteful defrosting operation suppressed to enable more comfortable long-term continuous heating.

One outdoor unit supports multiple indoor units.

With MXZ-VAHZ, one outdoor unit can cool and heat up to six rooms. They can be installed neatly in sites with limited space such as con- dominium balconies.

Please note that cooling and heating modes cannot be run simultaneously in different rooms.


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