Unlike conventional air conditioning systems, the FT Series don’t lose heating capacity when it’s cold outside. Original technologies ensure excellent heating performance under extremely low outdoor temperatures and an impressive guaranteed operating range.

Furthermore, the smaller and stylish indoor unit does not give you the limitation of installation location

Compact Design

The FT series features its compact design with 280mm height and 229mm depth, which is suitable for the installation above the door.

V Blocking Filter (Optional)

V Blocking Filter with antiviral effect inhibits 99% of adhered virus, and other harmful substances, such as bacteria, mold and allergen.

Two-layered filter with non-woven fabric and electrostatic filter can effectively capture and remove small particles from the air in your room.

Remote Controller with Backlight

The remote controller screen is equipped with an LED backlight. The luminous screen allows you to check the setting easily even in the dark.

Circulator Mode

After reaching the target temperature, heating mode will automati- cally switch to Circulator mode, which makes the unit go into “fan-only” state and mixes warm air in the room.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control gives you the freedom to tailor your heating and cooling needs through computers, tablets, or smartphones from anywhere.

Hyper Heating

Mitsubishi Electric’s powerful compressor and highly cold-resistant parts enable the heat pump to provide 100% or more heating capacity even at –15°C, and also the heating operation is guaranteed down to –25°C.

High Energy Efficiency – Energy Rank of A+ or higher for All Models

With indoor units that combine functionality, design and capacity and outdoor units equipped with a high-efficiency compressor, the MUZ-FT VGHZ simultaneously achieves high heating capacity and energy-saving performance.


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