Residential ventilation – de centralized



VL 50/100

Mitsubishi Electric offers you decentralized ventilation and centralized ventilation solutions for optimizing your indoor air quality by Lossnay.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

A total heat exchange ventilation system that uses paper characteristics (Lossnay Core) to perform temperature (Sensible heat) and humidity (latent heat) exchange.

Decentralized Ventilation Solution

Install the wall-mounted Lossnay in each room. The heat recovery system provides fresh air at a comfortable air temperature. Total heat exchangers effectively reduce heat loss.

Decentralized ventilation: VL-50(E)S2-E, VL-50SR2-E and VL-100(E)U5-E

Product advantages

Air supplied and Exhausted Simultaneously

Air is supplied and exhausted simultaneously while transferring the heat.

Energy Efficient

  • Total heat exchange minimizes heat loss.
  • Achieve over 80%* temperature efficiency.

*VL-100(E)U5-E at low fan speed in 230V 50Hz

*VL-50(E)S2-E at low fan speed in 230V 50Hz

Low noise levels are ideal for bedrooms and children’s rooms

Sound Insulation

A sound insulation effect reduces the level of noise generated outside.

Easy Maintenance

The only maintenance required is cleaning the outside-air filter and exhaust-air filter. Filters are easily accessible, making quick and thorough cleaning possible.

Flexible Installation for Only VL-50(E)S2-E and VL-50SR2-E

Both horizontal and vertical installations are possible to fit various types of rooms.


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